We Can Learn About God Through Science as Well as Scripture

As we learn more and more about our universe through science and observation, the theories and scientific laws can not only support what we see in Scripture, but it can also extend our understanding of the nature of God. This does not contradict the revelation that we have in Scripture, but it can fill in details about the nature of our Creator and how our Creator has chosen to work in our universe. The Bible itself declares how nature is a source of revelation about God, for example in Romans 1:20  and Psalms 19:1

An Example with the General Theory of Relativity

Einstein’s general theory of relativity was the theoretical foundation of the Big Bang theory. It is also the theory that explains that the Big Bang was not only the beginning of the universe, but it was the beginning of space and time itself. Because as finite creatures we live within space and time, then we really cannot fully comprehend what it means to say something exists beyond space and time. But through combining general relativity with Biblical passages like Genesis 1:1, we have the added insight from science that the Bible is telling us that the creation event was not just a creation of matter but was about the creation of space and time itself. This should only bring greater praise and wonder for our Creator God who is even beyond space and time itself.