Science still has significant questions about certain puzzling events in the history of our earth and life. Although some Hebrew scholars say that we should be careful to not over emphasize the use of the Hebrew word bara as meaning creating something out of nothing, it is interesting that these major events that are puzzling to science are described in Genesis 1 with the use of the Hebrew word bara.

Specifically, bara is used in Genesis for the original creation of the universe (the big bang), for when animals were created (the Cambrian explosion), and for when man and woman were created (with our extraordinary mental and spiritual consciousness). Of course, science itself as it is usually understood is not equipped to explain miraculous events. But Genesis accurately pinpoints these puzzling events by using bara as a description for these events. This could  imply that these events were specifically brought about by our Creator in a very unique way. That the Bible can accurately pinpoint these events from billions of years ago provides another profound piece of evidence that the descriptions in the Bible are from the actual Creator of the universe.