There Are Many Pieces of Evidence for the Truths of the Bible

There are many pieces of evidence that would uphold the unique value and truths of the Bible. Please see the references below for some of these pieces of evidence. 

Observations on this Website Provide More Evidence for the Truths of the Bible

However, we believe that the evidence presented on this website (along with other similar websites) is a bit different and seems profound in many ways. In addition to the historical and archaeological evidences that are referenced in the above websites, the evidence presented on this website adds a new perspective compared to what is often seen. We package up all of these observations for evidence using the following concept. 

The Evidence of the Genesis 1 Descriptions of Modern Scientific Discoveries

What this means is that thousands of years before some of our modern scientific discoveries, the author of Genesis wrote down an accurate description of what science has found out in the last few centuries. It is difficult to overstate how profound this truth is – especially because the events that we are talking about took place over time periods of billions of years. Certainly no human or created intelligent being that we know of has been around for billions of years. So, the source of this description of what happened billions of years ago must have been from a supernatural source or another source that understood science.

The supernatural source that we are talking about in Genesis 1 claims to be the Creator of the universe. It would then follow that the Creator has provided this evidence to us as one of the most profound testimonies to the truths of the Bible that could be given – a unique harmony with modern science. This is a gift of immeasurable value to lead us to greater faith. 

Note that the basis for this evidence has been growing for many years. We in no way claim that these observations about this evidence for the truths of the Bible is original with us. We are only striving to package this evidence in a way that is easily understandable by as many people as possible because we believe it is so profound and potentially life-altering for the better.

Where Specifically is the Correspondence Between Genesis and Modern Science?

So, when we claim that the old describes the new, that Genesis 1 describes what modern science has found, what exactly does that mean? What has modern science found that was described accurately in Genesis 1?

There seem to be at least three good examples that we know of so far where modern science and Genesis 1 correspond quite well in their descriptions. These three examples are listed below, with links to pages that describe the harmony in greater detail.