The logic for the evidence of Ancient Descriptions of Modern Scientific Discoveries is quite simple.

  1. In the last 500 years science has found truths about the history of our earth and universe that no human had known before this time.
  2. Genesis was written over 3000 years ago, thousands of years before science made these discoveries about our earth and universe.
  3. With an appropriate understanding of the Hebrew word yom and the point of view given in Genesis 1:2, the objective truths of science are in harmony with the Genesis accounts.
  4. The conclusion is straightforward – the source of the description in Genesis chapter 1 must be from the Creator of the universe. Who else would have been able to correctly describe the sequence of events from billions of years ago?

Some Analogies May Be Helpful

To better grasp how profound this evidence is, it may be helpful to provide some analogies. 

For example, what would it be like if we found a disk on the far side of the moon and on this disk were some inscriptions that we could somehow decipher. And when we deciphered them then we read about the big bang and then a few highlights about the formation of the earth that turned out to be accurate. We would probably assume that the disc is from some alien civilization that had existed long before us and somehow were able to discover what our science has discovered in the last few hundred years. This would certainly affect our understanding of life in the universe and our place in it. What we have in the Bible is at least as profound as this. 

For another example, what would it be like if we discovered some ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs in an area of one of the pyramids that had not yet been explored. And in these hieroglyphs were accurate but brief descriptions of the big bang and a sequence of events that corresponded with the transformation of the earth over the last 4 billion years. It would have to make us wonder how the ancient Egyptians could have known this. Was their science that advanced to have already discovered these scientific truths? Or had one of their gods been truly supernatural and actually witnessed these events and then described them to the writer of these hieroglyphs? It would be perplexing at first, but there is no doubt that we would consider this a profound finding worthy of much more investigation and reflection. 

Sometimes Familiarity Can Be Our Enemy

The analogies above are presented so that we might be able to get a new perspective on how profound this truth is about the Bible. Historically, the Bible has been foundational for Western civilization and now with the internet and the melding of world cultures many more people have at least heard of the Bible. And there have been numerous claims about the Bible that may be just confusing to many people. But no doubt billions of people have already formed some idea of what they believe about the Bible. As a result, it is easy to tune out new claims that are made about the Bible. But this familiarity can sometimes work against discovering some deep truths.

The analogies given above might even be less shocking to some people than if we were to propose that the Bible has something as profound as those events would be. Some people may say, “The Bible? Really? I don’t believe it”. But an alien civilization or finding scientific truths in some ancient hieroglyphics may sound more plausible to some people. It may be that hearing about the Bible so often has dulled our sensibilities to claims that are contrary to what we have already decided. 

But the author of this website believes that if you take some moments to reflect on the evidence of Ancient Descriptions of Modern Scientific Discoveries, then you might be blessed with a deeper and more profound understanding about our Creator, our universe, and your life. It will be well worth your time.